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Prof. Ma. Sheilah G. Napalang
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Prof. Ma. Sheilah G. Napalang is the director of the Office of Research and Publication of the University of the Philippines-School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP-SURP). She is also a lecturer at UP-SURP, a former director of the UP National Center for Transportation Studies from 2016 to 2019, and a former assistant secretary for planning and project development of the Department of Transportation.

Dr. Napalang is one of the core members of the Women in Transport Leadership, a knowledge-sharing network aimed at creating knowledge, fostering innovation, and empowering female-to-female collaboration to address diverse transport challenges, particularly issues related to gender and transport. Her research interests include equitable transportation planning, integrating accessibility and gender issues in transport planning, and transport safety.

To check her publications in SERP-P, type “Napalang, Ma. Sheilah G.” in the search box of the SERP-P website or click here.

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