DRN 2017 Vol. XXXV No. 2
DRRM's Design and Implementation Need to Be Beefed Up
PN 2017-17
Measure and Determinants of Chronic and Transient Poverty in the Philippines
PBS 2017 1
Food Security Potentials of Agroforestry Systems in Selected Upland Farming Communities in the Philippines
ADN 2017 8-3
BINHI Tree for the Future: Debunking the Reasons Not to Plant Native Trees
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Population, Poverty, Politics and the Reproductive Health Bill 98
Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development Vol. 14 No. 1 97
Economic Policy Monitor 2012: Regional Economic Integration and Inclusive Growth - Engaging Nations, Embracing People 92
Opportunities and Challenges for Small Scale Private Service Providers in Electricity and Water Supply : Evidence from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, and the Philippines 79
Furthering the Implementation of AEC Blueprint Measures 78
Discovering New Roads to Development Volume 4: Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation, and Resilience 78
The Rise of Collaborative Economy in the Philippines 73
Mechanisms for Carbon Finance on Reforestation/Some Notes on Credit Rating 71
Agenda for Action for the Philippine Rural Sector 69
Targeting the Agricultural Poor: The Case of PCIC`s Special Programs 66

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What’s in for the Economy in 1998? An Outlook for the Philippines 4
Issues in Philippine Food and Nutrition Policy 4
Import Liberalization: Concepts and Issues 4
Toward a “Leapfrogging” Strategy for the Philippines 4
The Pre-Need Industry in the Philippines 4
Philippines - Strengthening economic resiliency 4
Social Franchising Reproductive Health Services Can It Work?A Review of the Experience 3
Toward a National Competition Policy for the Philippines 3
Science Education in the Philippines: Challenges for Development 3
Agricultural Policies for Development 3

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environment 64
PIDS Research Information Staff 63

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real property tax 7
Racelis, Rachel H. 5
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Co, Ferdinand S. 2
trade in goods 2