AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-004
Mapping the 4IR At-Risk Workers in the Philippines
AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-003
Drivers of Philippine SME Competitiveness: Results of the 2018 SME Survey
AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-002
Federal Governments Around the World: A Comparative Perspective
AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-001
An Empirical Analysis of Decentralization and Poverty in the Philippines
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2018 Most Downloaded Publications
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Sustainable Tourism: Challenges for the Philippines 18,882
The Economics of Secondhand Retail Trade: An Analysis of the Market for Ukay-ukay 14,802
Special Issues in Agriculture 13,450
Research and Development and Technology in the Philippines 12,098
Toward and Beyond APEC Summit 2015: Key Issues and Challenges of Professional Service Mobility 11,553
Reflections on Philippine Sociology in the 1990s 12,026
Philippine Rice Supply and Demand: Prospects and Policy Implications 11,739
Agricultural Insurance Program: Lessons from Different Country Experiences 11,552
Production Practices of the Native Chicken Growers in Western Visayas 12,108
Dynamics of Rural Development: Analytical and Policy Issues 9,352

Monthly Top 10
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Economic Policy Monitor 2012: Regional Economic Integration and Inclusive Growth - Engaging Nations, Embracing People 107
Furthering the Implementation of AEC Blueprint Measures 103
Mechanisms for Carbon Finance on Reforestation/Some Notes on Credit Rating 89
National Household Targeting System: Concepts and Methodology 72
Population, Poverty, Politics and the Reproductive Health Bill 70
Global Value Chains 67
Bottom-up Budgeting Process Assessment: Agusan del Norte 63
Bottom-Up Budgeting Process Assessment: Zamboanga del Norte 61
Targeting the Agricultural Poor: The Case of PCIC`s Special Programs 55
Assessment of the Bottom-Up Budgeting Process for FY 2016 55

Daily Top 10
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Energy Consumption, Weather Variability, and Gender in the Philippines: A Discrete/Continuous Approach 4
Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment 4
The Evolution of Lowland and Rainfed Rice-Based Farming Systems Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development: Focus in Nueva Ecija, Philippines 4
Characteristics of Farm Holdings: Evidence from the Philippines' Census of Agriculture 4
The Philippine Telecommunications Industry 3
Population and Development Planning (PDP) Model: The 1998 Update 3
Formulating the Philippine Services Strategy for Inclusive Growth 2
Property Damage Recovery and Coping Behavior of Households Affected by an Extreme Flood Event in Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines 2
Toothache relief using Toob: An investigation of folk medicine in Siquijor Island, Philippines 2

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poverty 168
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microfinance 97
rural 81
poverty 69
investment 66
environment 65
+Public+governance 63
+rural+poverty 57
PIDS Research Information Staff 57

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+rural+poverty 10
poverty+distribution 10
environmental+safety 8
+chronic+poverty 7
+Local+governance+--+Japan 7
Cantillep,+Arturo+Jr. 7
Lantin,+Angelina+Jr.+M. 7
poverty+participation+in+governance 7
spatial+market+integration 7
Tan,+Carlos+Antonio+Jr. 7