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Central Luzon Regional Development Plan 2017-2022
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Central Luzon Regional Development Plan Investment Program 2017-2022
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Central Luzon Today - June 2017
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Sustainable Tourism: Challenges for the Philippines 19,519
The Economics of Secondhand Retail Trade: An Analysis of the Market for Ukay-ukay 14,964
Special Issues in Agriculture 13,611
Research and Development and Technology in the Philippines 12,252
Toward and Beyond APEC Summit 2015: Key Issues and Challenges of Professional Service Mobility 11,690
Reflections on Philippine Sociology in the 1990s 12,122
Philippine Rice Supply and Demand: Prospects and Policy Implications 11,862
Agricultural Insurance Program: Lessons from Different Country Experiences 11,693
Production Practices of the Native Chicken Growers in Western Visayas 12,248
Annual Report 1995 9,994

Monthly Top 10
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Furthering the Implementation of AEC Blueprint Measures 124
Competition for the Market: A Policy Framework for Improving Bus Operation along EDSA 104
Economic Policy Monitor 2012: Regional Economic Integration and Inclusive Growth - Engaging Nations, Embracing People 93
Population, Poverty, Politics and the Reproductive Health Bill 83
Mechanisms for Carbon Finance on Reforestation/Some Notes on Credit Rating 76
National Household Targeting System: Concepts and Methodology 74
Global Value Chains 71
Targeting the Agricultural Poor: The Case of PCIC`s Special Programs 69
Impact Assessment of the National Greening Program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources: Scoping or Process Evaluation Phase (Economic Component) 60
The Prevalence of Philippine Prescribing, Dispensing, and Use Behavior in Relation to Generic Drugs and their Risk Factors 59

Daily Top 10
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Policy Options for Rice and Corn Farmers in the Face of Seasonal Climate Variability 11
The Philippine Economy in 2008 and Prospects for 2009 8
"Asian Noodle Bowl" not yet Serious in East Asia 7
Revisiting Sectoral Liberalization: an Alternative to the FTAAP? Implications on the Philippines 6
Make 'Deliberate' Haste in Rolling Out the 4Ps 6
Lessons for the Philippines from the US Financial Crisis 6
Crop Insurance: Security for Farmers and Agricultural Stakeholders in the Face of Seasonal Climate Variability 6
The Global Crisis: Its Implications on the Work of Development NGOs 5
Issues on Counting the Poor 5
Consolidating Primary Data Collection Activities under One Roof 4

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poverty 153
governance 141
microfinance 130
microfinance 79
environment 78
investment 75
credit 74
rural 74
mortality rate and 1=1 69
liberalization 57

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revenue 3
participation+in+governance 2
+Abrigo,+Michael+Ralph+M. 2
Revilla,+A.V.+Jr. 2
violence against women and children 2
+David+E.Swete-Kelly 2
+poor 2
women 2
gender+governance 2
Rural+Development,+ 2