PN 2018-06
Risk Management Innovation for Philippine Banking
PN 2018-05
Facilitating FDI by Improving the Philippine Investment Negative List
Enhancing Bamboo Production through S and T
Seasoning Schedule for Yemane towards a Better Furniture Industry
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Sustainable Tourism: Challenges for the Philippines 18,773
The Economics of Secondhand Retail Trade: An Analysis of the Market for Ukay-ukay 14,673
Special Issues in Agriculture 13,302
Research and Development and Technology in the Philippines 11,955
Reflections on Philippine Sociology in the 1990s 11,941
Toward and Beyond APEC Summit 2015: Key Issues and Challenges of Professional Service Mobility 11,435
Philippine Rice Supply and Demand: Prospects and Policy Implications 11,656
Agricultural Insurance Program: Lessons from Different Country Experiences 11,369
Production Practices of the Native Chicken Growers in Western Visayas 11,878
Dynamics of Rural Development: Analytical and Policy Issues 9,263

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Selected Studies on APEC-Related Issues (TDAP Paper Series 1) 136
Economic Policy Monitor 2012: Regional Economic Integration and Inclusive Growth - Engaging Nations, Embracing People 126
Furthering the Implementation of AEC Blueprint Measures 120
National Household Targeting System: Concepts and Methodology 96
Mechanisms for Carbon Finance on Reforestation/Some Notes on Credit Rating 84
The ASEAN Economic Community and the Philippines: Implementation, Outcomes, Impacts, and Ways Forward (Full Report) 77
Global Value Chains 76
Philippines - Water Districts Development Project 75
Duterte Must Be Bold on Economic Policy 75
Targeting the Agricultural Poor: The Case of PCIC`s Special Programs 73

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The Impact of Legal Minimum Wages on Employment, Income, and Poverty Incidence in the Philippines 5
Who Benefits and Loses from an Untargeted Tuition Subsidy for Students in SUCs? 4
Implications of Section 270 of the Local Government Code Re: Periods Within Which to Collect Real Property Taxes 4
Outputs and Inputs of Philippine Commercial Banks 3
Historical Development of the Tax on Income of Individuals and Corporations, 1939-1998 3
National Framework for Physical Planning 2001-2030 (Executive Summary) 3
The Entertainment Industry in the Philippines 3
Disability and Gender: The Case of the Philippines 2
An In-depth Study on the Management Consulting Services Industry in the Philippines 2
The Impact of the Cheaper Medicines Act on Households in Metro Manila 2

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Crisanto,+Jose+Jr. 105
Antonio+S.+Aguilar,+Jr. 96
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Patdu,+Ildefonso+T.,+Jr. 96
money and banking 94
investment+incentive+system 88
corporate+governance 87
Tolosa,+Benjamin+T.+Jr. 87

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Patdu,+Ildefonso+T.,+Jr. 12
Tolosa,+Benjamin+T.+Jr. 12
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