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Latest Publications
DP 1996-08 Beyond WTO: Meeting the Challenges of the New Trade and Environment Regime, Perspectives from the Philippines and the ASEAN

DP 1996-06 Local Government Units` Access to the Private Capital Markets

DP 1996-10 Can P* Be a Basis for Core Inflation in the Philippines

DP 1996-11 Inflation and Economic Growth in the Philippines

DP 1996-09 Food: Is a Crisis Looming

DP 1996-13 Micro Interventions for Poverty Alleviation: The Philippine Case

DP 1996-12 An Assessment of the Capacity of Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions: The Philippine Case

DP 1996-07 The Effects of the MFA Phase Out on the Philippine Garments and Textiles Industries

DP 1996-05 Philippine Household`s Response to Price and Income Changes

DP 1996-02 Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies (MIMAP): The Philippine Case

DP 1996-01 Simulating the Income Distribution Effects of the 1988-1992 Tariff Reduction Using the APEX Model

DP 1996-03 A Study on the Trade and Investment Policies of Developing Countries: The Case of the Philippines

UPSE JR 01 The Macroeconomics of the East Asian Crisis and the Implications of the Crisis for Macroeconomic Theory

UPSE DP 1999-08 Health Care Expenditure Patterns in the Philippines: Analysis of National Health Accounts, 1991-1997

UPSE DP 1999-06 Philippine "Colonial Banking" During the American Period

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