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Flood Preparedness and Utilization of Early Warning Systems among Households in Selected Flood-prone Areas in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte

Flooding is a pervasive natural disaster posing significant threats to infrastructure, property, and lives globally. Barangay San Miguel in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte, emerges as a particularly vulnerable area with substantial repercussions for its surrounding communities. Therefore, assessing household preparedness and the efficacy of early warning systems in mitigating the community’s vulnerability becomes crucial. A survey encompassed a random sample of 99 respondents derived using the Slovin formula representing the study population. The evaluation of household preparedness considered indicators such as the readiness of first aid kits, evacuation plans, food supplies, and participation in seminars and training. Additionally, the effectiveness of early warning systems was gauged through indicators, including localized floodwater warning systems, electronic floodwater warning systems, flyers and leaflets, and direct communication.The findings reveal a commendably high overall level of household preparedness for floods, as reflected by a mean value of 3.75. However, notable deficiencies were identified in seminars and training, registering a weight of 2.74, which was classified as very low. Moreover, flyers and leaflets recorded the lowest mean value at 2.06, indicating a need for improvement in this aspect of the early warning system. Given these results, policymakers and disaster management officials shall prioritize enhancing households’ knowledge and skills through targeted seminars and training programs. Simultaneously, allocating sufficient funding and resources is crucial to bolster theeffectiveness of early warning systems, particularly in distributing information through flyers and leaflets. This comprehensive approach aims to fortify community resilience and reduce vulnerability to flooding in Barangay San Miguel, Tagum City, Davao del Norte and similar areas


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