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Breaking Down the Enigma of Out-of-Field Research Teaching among Private Senior High Schools in Davao City, Philippines: A Transcendental Phenomenological Inquiry

Subject matter expertise goes far beyond simply knowing and regurgitating facts. It is a multifaceted ability encompassing a deep understanding of the content, pedagogical knowledge, assessment proficiency, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and cultivating positive attitudes and values. This transcendental phenomenological study was conducted to understand the lived experiences of SHS out-of-field research teachers in terms of assignment, instruction, and feedback. To grasp the phenomenon’s essence, transcendental phenomenology aims to set aside theresearcher’s preconceived ideas and strive for neutrality. The study was participated by 14 teacher-participants from the selected private senior high schools in Davao City, Philippines. Findings show that in terms of assignment, participants’ experiences include adherence and submission to school administrators, consideration of teacher potential, experience, and training, and feelings of anxiety and frustration. With regards to instructional experiences, it includes lack of experience, aptitude, and administrative support; difficulty in establishing authority and checking outputs. With these challenges, participants must be resourceful and creative and engage in professional development activities. In terms of feedback, participants were honest and open-minded and experienced the welcoming nature of the students. The findings elaborate on the complex and multi-faceted nature of out-of-field teaching, which is expected to inspire improved teacher hiring and placement policy. It is recommended that educational institutions should provide professional development programs to help those out-of-field teachers stay updated with best practices


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