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Tertiary Physical Education Students: Challenges and Opportunities in Remote Learning in University of the Philippines Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines

The utilization of remote learning was adapted by several institutions ever since the pandemic started, and students were taught much differently as compared to the face-to-face set-up. The pandemic brought significant changes in the delivery of lessons, especially with the teaching and learning of Physical Education courses. This study described the experiences of students in remote learning of Physical Education utilizing a descriptive-qualitative design. It was participated by six students from the University of the Philippines Cebu who are enrolled in a Physical Education course. Anchored by Braun and Clarke’s technique in thematic analysis and guided by different philosophies, data were analyzed in three prong clustering. Results revealed that students who were enrolled in remote learning Physical Education courses experienced learning through alternative implementation, faced a variety of challenges in learning PE remotely, and expressed appreciation to opportunities in the online Physical Education courses. It was recommended that students should be equipped with the necessary learning resources for a successful learning experience, and that teachers should establish a clear mechanism for feedback so that students would be guided on how well they were performing and be provided with the guidance necessary in the remote learning set-up


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