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Voices and Narratives of the FHE Grantees as Input to DNSC GAD Policies and Programs

The study describes the grantees’ experiences under the Free Higher Education (FHE) in Davao del Norte State College (DNSC). The study applied a descriptive qualitative research design, and utilizes an in-depth interview to gather the narratives of the grantees. There were ten (10) participants in this study who represented the intersectionality of genders such as married woman, single mother, a person with a disability (PWD), pregnant grantee, and a child of an OFW. The FHE grantees came from low-income families, and these motivate them to finish a college education. They see education as an opportunity to uplift their lives from poverty. The study used the Simple Thematic Analysis to examine the data. Notable themes emerged in describing the experiences of the FHE grantees, such as academic hurdles and successes. Moreover, the grantees perceived the program as a great help and an opportunity given to them. Time management and physical discomforts, especially for the PWD, emerged from the student grantees’ challenges. The study discussed the findings concerning the program’s improvement based on the themes that emerged from the grantees’ narratives


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