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Binuhat: Inventory and Documentation of the Indigenous Products of Ata-Manobo at Talaingod, Davao Del Norte

This study presented the indigenous products of Ata-Manabo at Talaingod, Davao del Norte using the lens of “indigenous knowledge.” A descriptive qualitative research design was applied. Hence, focus group discussion (FGD) and key informant interview (KII) were utilized in gathering information from the 25 tribal participants, wherein 15 of them are men and 10 are women. Based on the results, the identified indigenous products are classified into indigenous attire, body accessories, handicrafts, musical instruments, weapons and armaments, and hunting tools. Most participants affirmed that their products were created not just for the sake of aesthetics but also for the following purposes: source of income, source of identity, source of food, source of protection, and source of love or relationship. Moreover, they hope and aspire to sell and have a place to sell their products, continue their craft until the next generation, and include their culture and traditions in the school curriculum


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