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Local Tourists’ Perception Towards Mangrove Forest Conservation and Regeneration in the Guang-guang Mangrove Park and Nursery, Davao Oriental, Philippines

Mangroves are crucial for preserving and safeguarding coastal communities and the ecosystems along the shore. This study focused on determining the perception of local tourists towards the importance of current efforts and initiatives for mangrove forest conservation and regeneration in Guang-Guang, Dahican, City of Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines. Using in-depth interviews with ten local tourists, major themes relating to the difficulties facing conservation and regeneration programs, as well as the ecosystemservices and functions of mangrove forests, were investigated. The local tourists perceived that mangroves operate as storm barriers, prevent coastal erosion, and serve as essential habitats for aquatic organisms. However, anthropogenic activities like the establishment of shrimp ponds, plastic pollution, land reclamation, and illegal logging were documented to threaten the mangrove forests. The study also highlighted the government’s efforts to implement regeneration programs and engage local communities and stakeholders in tree planting and coastal clean-up activities. The significance of mangrove forest conservation and regeneration was underscored, considering theirroles in providing habitats, protecting coastlines, promoting biodiversity, and supporting livelihoods. The implications of the study emphasized the need to raise public awareness, improve environmental education, involve communities indecision-making, and implement regenerative conservation initiatives


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