RPS 2021-06
Toward an Inclusive Social Insurance Coverage in the Philippines: Examining Gender Disparities
Delving into the Countrys Future Outlook
A Case Study of Company Best Practices on Regularization of Workers in Contracting Arrangements
A Legal Analysis on the Speedy Disposition of Labor Cases on Appeal

PIDS WB 2021-0701
Challenges and Prospects of the Philippine Electric Vehicle Industry
PIDS WB 2021-0604
Senior High School Graduates' Prospects and Challenges in the Labor Market
PIDS WB 2021-0603
Improving the Land Tenure Security of Farmers and the Role of Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations in Enhancing Agricultural Productivity
PIDS WB 2021-0602
Examining Philippine Regulatory Policies on Solid Waste Management
Latest Publications
JPD 1994 Vol. XXI Nos. 1&2-b A Retreat from the Ideal: Reflections on a Frustrated Attempt to Study a Social Phenomenon the Natural Science Way

JPD 1994 Vol. XXI Nos. 1&2-a Reflections on Philippine Sociology in the 1990s

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 2-e Agricultural Growth and Rural Performance: A Philippine Perspective

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 2-d Urbanization Sans Development?

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 2-c Assessment of the Financial Market Reforms in the Philippines, 1980-1992

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 2-b An Empirical Investigation of Bankers' Perceptions of Country Creditworthiness

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 2-a An Evaluation of the Home Consumption Value System

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 1-d Land, Income, Mobility and Housing: The Case of Metro Manila

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 1-c Money and Prices in the Philippines, 1981-1992: A Cointegration Analysis

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 1-b The Impact of Technical Change on Rural Labor Markets in the Philippines

JPD 1993 Vol. XX No. 1-a Liberalization in Directed Credit Programs for SMEs

JPD 1992 Vol. XIX No. 2-e Supporting Rural Non-Farm Enterprises: What Can be Learned from Donor Programs?

JPD 1992 Vol. XIX No. 2-d Aggregate Corn Area Response Under Risk: Some Implications for Price Stabilization Programs

JPD 1992 Vol. XIX No. 2-c The Impact of Regulations on Municipal Bond Performance and Prospects in the Philippines

JPD 1992 Vol. XIX No. 2-b IMF Stabilization Program and Economic Growth: The Case of the Philippines

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