PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 2d
Enhancing the Philippine Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Framework for Distributed Energy Resources
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 2c
Possible Effects of China's Belt and Road Initiative on Philippine Trade and Investments
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 2b
Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Business Performance and Competitiveness of Philippine SMEs
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 2a
Role of Subjective Perceptions and Migration Culture in the Formation of Migration Intentions: Evidence from a Rural Village in the Philippines
Featured Researchers

Dr. Danilo C. Israel

Dr. Danilo C. Israel was a senior research fellow at the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) from 1992 up to 2017. He was also a project scientist of the WorldFish Center, an international research organization based in Penang Malaysia, from 2003 to 2005. Dr. Israel is author of publications and other research works in fisheries economics and policy and in natural resource and environmental economics and policy in general. He has been consultant to both national and international organizations including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, among others.

Dr. Israel is a holder of a holder of a Ph.D. in Applied Economics major in Natural Resource Economics from Clemson University in South Carolina, U.S.A and a Master in International Economics from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. He also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Check out his publications below.

DP 2016-51  Planting Seeds of Self-Defeat: Effects of Unrealistic Regulations on the Caraga Wood Industry and Forest Conservation
DP 2015-13  Establishing the Linkages of Human Resource Development with Inclusive Growth
PN 2009-02  Performance and Problems of Water Districts: Selected Experiences
PN 2008-01  Fishpen and Fishcage Culture in Laguna de Bay: Its Importance and Problems
DP 2007-20  The Current State of Aquaculture in Laguna de Bay
PN 2006-09  Lessons from Cambodia...Exploring the Potential of Inland Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in the Philippines
PJD 2004 Vol. XXXI No. 1-d  Perceptions of Fishermen Households on the Long-Term Impact of Coastal Resources Management in Panguil Bay
DP 2004-02  Household Perceptions of the Long-Term Impact of Coastal Resources Management in Panguil Bay
DP 2002-14  The Quest for a Better Environment: Past Experiences and Future Challenges
DP 2001-21  The Bangkok Declaration and Strategy for Aquaculture Development Beyond 2000 and Philippine Aquaculture
RPS 2002-02  Mercury Pollution Due to Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Philippines: An Economic Analysis
JPD 2000 Vol. XXVII No. 2-b  An Analysis of the Utilization of Regional Fishing Ports in the Philippines
PN 1996-03  A New Vision and Credit Policy Framework for Financing LGUs Basic Services and Development Projects