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Dr. Marites M. Tiongco
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Dr. Marites M. Tiongco is a professor and former dean of the De La Salle University (DLSU)-School of Economics. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Her research work focuses on human capital development including gender issues, poverty and inequality, and the economics of agricultural development with emphasis on critical natural resources and policy issues affecting food security, food and water safety along the value chain, market access of smallholder crop and livestock producers, agricultural health and productivity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and environmental sustainability.

Before joining DLSU, she was a research fellow of the Markets, Trade, and Institutions Division of the International Food Policy Research. Her expertise in socioeconomic surveys and econometric analysis of crop and livestock productivity and market access for the poor brought her to several countries in Asia (including Indonesia, India, Philippines, China, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam) and across Sub-Saharan Africa (including Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mali, and Nigeria). She has provided technical assistance to the Gates Foundation, World Bank, Department for International Development, Food and Agriculture Organization, Asian Development Bank, and Public-Private Partnership Center.  

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