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Socioeconomic Issues on Spotlight

Health Care Services

Human capital is the most valuable asset of a country. It is thus important that people's health and well-being are promoted and prioritized at all times. Health care services are financed broadly by the public sector and augmented by private initiatives. Providing universal coverage for all remains a big challenge for governments in many developing countries such as the Philippines.

Despite considerable progress, overall health indicators clearly show the still wide gap between the rich and the poor in terms of health care financing, access to services, and health status. These persist due to a number of issues, including institutional inefficiencies and gaps in coverage, making health all the more less inclusive in the Philippines despite a significantly growing economy.

This SocioEconomic Spotlight provides all the available studies and researches conducted by the SERP-P network members on health care services provision and financing in recent years.

PN 2011-03  New Ideas to Help the Aquino Administration Achieve its Health Agenda
DP 2011-05  Profile of Private Hospitals in the Philippines
DP 2010-02  How Are Government Hospitals Performing? A Study of Resource Management in DOH-retained Hospitals
PN 2010-15  How Are DOH Hospitals Funded?
WDS 1995-SP  Women's Health and Safe Motherhood Project
MSI 2002-ES  Social Franchising Reproductive Health Services Can It Work?A Review of the Experience
WDS 1994-HRO  Philippines-Devolution and Health Services: Managing Risks and Opportunities