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Proceedings of the ARF Annual Rice Science and Policy Forum 2021: Boosting Rice Yields and Farmers' Income Through Soil Health Rejuvenation

The Asia Rice Foundation (ARF) organized its Annual Rice Policy Forum 2021 together with its partners SEARCA, DOST-PCAARRD, and DA and in cooperation with IRRI, NAST, Rice Board, CAMP, and CEM-ICOPED. The forum aimed to seek ideas and draw recommendations from experts on improving yield and long-term soil fertility for sustainable rice production.

Held on 30 November 2021, the online event brought together scientists, experts, and administrators to share their research results, experiences, and practices on integrated nutrient management. In attendance were members of public and private organizations, academicians from state universities and colleges, representatives from various fertilizer companies (i.e., commercial, foliar, and organic), and rice farmers who had been selected because they achieved higher than average yields of 8 to 15 tons per hectare.


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