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Seasoning Schedule for Yemane towards a Better Furniture Industry
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PCAARRD IA 2013-5: Seasoning Schedule for Yemane towards a Better Furniture Industry

Yemane (Gmelina arborea), as one of the substitutes for lumber, is a widely-used material in furniture making. However, the drying process of Gmelina is not well developed. This study, thus, assessed the impacts of the project "Establishment of a Seasoning Schedule for Gmelina". Results revealed that the wood processors-cooperators fully adopted the seasoning schedule for Gmelina. As a result, the wood furniture industry experienced numerous positive benefits from drying efficiency, volume of output per dryer, drying time, net revenue, and quality of dried wood.

Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development
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Elauria, Marilyn, M., Manilay, Alessandro, A., Abrigo, Girlie Nora, A., Villanueva, Teodoro, R., Dagaas, Clarita, T, and Manuba, Russel, M; yemane, furniture, seasoning schedule;
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