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Assessment of Road Safety in the ASEAN Region

The paper discusses the issues and concerns of the 10 ASEAN countries regarding road safety. Recognizing the potential threat of traffic accidents predicted as the 3rd ranking cause of mortalities by 2020, the WHO in April 1, 2004 declared the World Health Day with Road Safety as its theme. Also, it has been recognized that while road safety situation in developed countries is improving, the problem seems to be worsening in the developing ones. Among the ASEAN, a number of countries have managed to limit the casualties on the road. However, some emerging member countries which are experiencing rapid motorization largely due to increase in motorcycles are having serious problems. The paper analyzes the major causes of accidents and trends in number of casualties based on population, GDP and vehicle registration, identifies the most vulnerable road users, and presents the respective member country’s estimates of the cost of accidents.


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