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RMRJ JA 2017-755: Solid Waste Management Awareness, Attitude, and Practices in a Philippine Catholic Higher Education Institution

The paper assesses the solid waste management awareness, attitude, and practices of the employees and students of a Catholic higher education institution in the Philippines. Using a descriptive research design, the data were collected using a self-administered survey questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The major findings of the study show that the respondents demonstrated a very high level of awareness and attitude and high extent of practice of solid waste management. A significant difference was found in the awareness, attitude, and practices of respondents when they were grouped according to status and religion. Also, the findings established the relationship between awareness and attitude on one hand and the extent of practice of solid waste management. Awareness, attitudes, and practices were significantly related to age and educational level, except for sex which showed no correlation with attitude and practices. Generally, this paper validates how knowledge influences attitude that subsequently determines behavior particularly in solid waste management as intervened by appropriate environmental education.

Silliman University
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Madrigal, Dennis V. ; Oracion, Enrique G. ; Attitude, Awareness, Practices, Solid Waste Management;
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