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Marine Protected Areas for Who? Fisheries, Tourism, and Solidarity in a Philippine Community

The coastal economy of the municipality of Mabini located on the Calumpan Peninsula of Luzon has roots on one coast in the harvest of fish and on the opposite coast in the attraction of dive tourists and other recreationalists from metropolitan Manila. Marine protected areas at the base of the municipality promoted by foreign and local conservationists provide de factor illustrations of integrated coastal management. Social survey results show that MPA management and enforcement policies have both benefited and disappointed fishery and tourism constituencies. To a degree, the inherent economic advantages enjoyed by the tourism sector have marginalized the fishery sector in terms of access and control of the MPAs both sectors helped to establish in the municipality. The viability of MPAs in Mabini will depend on the abilities of leaders and managers to reconcile top-level policies of conservation and economic development with local community aspirations.


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