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SDRC TR 1996-02: Social and Cultural Context of Reproductive Tract Infections in the Philippines

The project sought to develop an awareness and understanding of the nature of reproductive tract infections (RTIs) in two Philippine urban poor communities, and to enable women and men in these areas to participate in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of these infections. The project's objectives are: 1)to analyze indigeneous beliefs and practices that predispose the urban poor to RTIs; 2)to assess cultural, economic, and, socil factors that account for the occurrence and transmission of RTIs; 3)to mobilize urban poor women groups and men in the diagnosis and management of RTIs; 4)to establish an interdisciplinary advisory committee that will provide directions during the inception, implementation, and completion of the projects; 5)to conduct a clinical assessment among consenting women in the participating communities to determine the prevalence of gynaecological diseases and to provide appropriate treatment and referrals for the management of RTIs; 6)to sensitize allopathic and traditional health care providers within the vicinity of the participating communities about RTIs among the impoverished, and to develop their capacity to respond appropriately to the RTIs among urban poor women and men; and 7)to involve the urban poor and health care providers in the development of RTI materials that can be used in the training of health providers, health and social science students, and urban poor communities.

DLSU-Social Development Research Center
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Jimenez, Pilar R.; health care;
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