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PPP Talk: 1st Quarter 2013: The Quest for Better Health Care

In 1945, Winston Churchill, Britain’s greatest wartime leader of the 20th century, said that “healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” Around the same time, the Philippine Orthopedic Center, originally organized by the American Army for civilian casualties during the war, was  established. Later on it focused mainly on accident victims and orthopedic cases. Almost 50 years later, the POC in dire need of change is up for 
modernization. The cover depicts the Filipino’s need for better health services. Makeshift orthopedic braces, crowded wards, rundown medical equipment will be a thing of the past when the POC undergoes its transformation into a modern orthopedic facility through government’s partnership with the private sector. No, this is definitely NOT privatization. The POC will still be owned by government and will continue to serve the poorest of the poor at no cost.


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