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22924: Qualities of caring : good practices in infant and toddler group care

The paper compiles preliminary information about programs providing day-care for infants, and toddlers in resource-poor settings in developing countries, namely through case studies in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, the Philippines, and Venezuela. Highlights of findings include crucial issues, such as the involvement of parents in their children ' s care, parent education, and community action in providing children with a sense of familiarity, and security. The paper identified that caretaker to child ratios range from 4.1 to 12.1, specifying that while the higher ratios reduce costs, they also reduce the possibilities for adult-child interactions which are so important for young children ' s development. Most importantly, the paper underlines the crucial role of psychological early childhood development, focused in all programs under discussion. It emphasizes on the adult-child interaction, respectful peer interaction among children, and, warmth of touch and movement. Discipline policies also accent the positive: affection, and fostering children ' s self-esteem. Moreover, most programs acknowledge that cognitive development in the early years, evolves with social, and physical interaction, i.e., the need for comforting familiarity, and challenging stimulation. Overall, it is suggested that caregivers ' careful planning, can create a variety of environments for young children, even in cramped quarters with limited resources.

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O ' Gara, Chloe; Lusk, Diane; Canahuati, Judy; Yablick, Gary; Hyffman, Sandra L.; health sector; health care; health practices; health management; health program;
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