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Analysis of the Cavendish Banana Export Value Chain and GIS Study in Mindanao

A workshop was organized on March 19, 2010 at the Waterfront hotel in Davao city in order to present and share the main findings and recommendations of the banana value chain analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) studies, two studies that the World Bank commissioned in the framework of a broader effort to try and understand the main constraints to the development of agribusiness value chains in Mindanao, particularly in terms of infrastructure and logistics. The objective of the stakeholder verification workshop was to get feed-back from a wide range of stakeholders interested in the banana industry, both from the private and public sectors. A presentation and discussion also took place on the results of the GIS mapping of the banana industry in Mindanao (population density, farms, roads, other infrastructure), and how this tool could be used to better assess potential and constraints to further expansion of banana cultivation in Mindano. The expected outcome of the workshop was to have a consensus on the main issues and challenges facing the industry in Mindanao and on the type of public investment program that could support its future development, particularly in terms of improved competitiveness and greater participation of small farmers.


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