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The Healthy Women Counselling Guide in the Philippines

The Healthy Women Counselling Guide (HWCG) is a low-cost, practical and effective health communication tool on malaria. It addresses the health needs of rural women and of their families through a participatory approach and through culturally-appropriate communication strategies. Ipilan in Brooke’s Point and Inogbong in Batangas (both in Palawan), which have high incidences of malaria, were chosen as study sites. Key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and a household survey were utilized to gain the necessary baseline information. The residents were very familiar with it; however, incorrect health beliefs and practices about malaria persist. To correct these beliefs and practices and to reinforce appropriate health behaviors, an illustrated calendar, six comic books, and video and radio materials were disseminated from February 2000 to January 2001. Dissemination consisted of showing the video materials, airing the radio programs, and sharing the story lines and messages from the calendar and comic books. After these activities, a teaching session was conducted. Formative evaluation and monitoring of the effects of the participatory intervention were done quarterly and a summative evaluation was done in February 2001. Collation and analyses of data are currently being done.


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