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Recovery Beyond the Pandemic: Paving the Way Towards a Future-Ready Philippines A Proposed Legislative Agenda for the 19th Congress

The proposed Legislative Agenda for the 19th Congress, titled “Recovery Beyond the Pandemic: Paving the Way Towards a Future-Ready Philippines,” presents a comprehensive analysis of the defining issues and emerging risks that the country is faced with as it deals with the social and economic scarring left by the COVID-19 pandemic.  This includes the threat of new infectious diseases, rising inflation, fiscal and financial risks, geopolitical conflicts, climate change impacts, and the opportunities and challenges of global interconnectedness and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The publication offers policy reform proposals to fast-track economic recovery efforts and improve the country's resilience and capacity to effectively manage future crises.

Proposed priority measures were clustered into six key strategies, namely: fortifying macroeconomic stability; enhancing sector competitiveness; strengthening digital connectivity; ensuring responsive basic and social services; securing the future through environmental action; and promoting transparent and adaptive governance. By implementing these strategies, the Philippines can navigate uncertainties, protect its citizens, foster inclusive growth, and achieve sustainable development, paving the way for a future-ready nation.


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