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Sustaining the Momentum, Making Growth Work for the Poor: A Proposed Legislative Agenda for the 14th Congress

The proposed Legislative Agenda for the 14th Congress, titled "Sustaining the Momentum, Making Growth Work for the Poor," is a menu of policy proposals put forth by the Senate Economic Planning Office to address poverty and promote inclusive growth in the Philippines. It highlights the persistent and widespread nature of poverty, despite the overall expansion of the economy. The findings underscore that economic growth alone cannot significantly reduce poverty. It recognizes the need for a collective effort to ensure a more equitable distribution of benefits. Key challenges identified include slow poverty reduction, high-income inequality, persistent unemployment, and the country's poor performance in global competitiveness surveys. Inadequate infrastructure, regulatory capture, and declining education quality contribute to these issues. To address these challenges, the document provides a wide range of recommendations to make growth work for the poor. It includes crucial interventions such as ensuring macroeconomic sustainability, creating a favorable business environment, establishing good governance, implementing social reforms, and managing the environment. As valuable resource for policymakers and stakeholders committed to fostering sustainable and equitable growth, the document offers practical and achievable recommendations based on evidence-based approaches. By addressing the root causes of poverty comprehensively, the document aims to foster sustainable and equitable growth, ensuring that the benefits of progress are shared by all segments of Philippine society. 


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Nov 27, 2023