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Paving the Road to Inclusive Growth and Development: A Proposed Legislative Agenda for the 15th Congress

The 2008 global financial crisis had a profound impact on the Philippines, leading to a significant contraction in GDP growth and exposing domestic vulnerabilities such as poor fiscal position, low investment rates, and governance issues. External factors such as high food and oil prices further compounded these challenges, while the emerging threat of climate change posed additional obstacles to the country’s economic and development goals. This publication highlights the need for comprehensive reform measures to address these persistent structural problems and adapt to new challenges. It presents a menu of reform proposals identified by the Senate Economic Planning Office (SEPO) for the consideration of the 15th Congress. These measures aim to complement the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan 2010-2016 and tackle urgent tasks faced by the Senate. The proposed reforms encompass five key areas: ensuring sound and sustainable government finances, improving the investment and trade climate, strengthening institutions and promoting good governance, fostering inclusive growth for the impoverished, and implementing effective environmental management strategies.  By implementing these reform measures, the government can proactively address the economic challenges faced by the Philippines and lay the groundwork for sustainable development. The proposals outlined in this publication serve as a roadmap for policymakers to enact transformative changes that will enhance economic resilience, promote social equity, and safeguard the environment.


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