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Central Visayas Regional Physical Framework Plan: 2003-2030

The Central Visayas Regional Physical Framework Plan (RPFP) 2003-2030 has been designed as a region-wide land use, settlements and infrastructure plan. It builds on the goals and objectives of prior planning efforts.

As a land use plan, it provides guidance to all decisions on resource and land uses so that these are put to the most beneficial use for the present and future generation of the population. As a settlements plan, it indicates the direction and intensity of growth of the region, its provinces and sub-provincial areas so that these areas can be efficiently served by public services. As an infrastructure plan, it guides public and private investment for infrastructure improvements to ensure their optimum use.

The RPFP 2003-2030 is divided into four parts. Part 1 gives the background and rationale for the updating of the RPFP. Part 2 presents the socio-economic, demographic, and land use profile of the region. Part 3 presents the recommended framework for the physical and spatial development of the region. Part 4 outlines the institutional, political, and administrative environment for implementing the RPFP.


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