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Central Visayas Regional Development Research Agenda 2017-2022

The Regional Development Research Agenda (RDRA) was approved by the Central Visayas Regional Development Research Council (RDRC) in March 2018, upon the recommendation of the Regional Development Research Council and the Regional Development Council (RDC) Sectoral Committees. The RDRA is the harmonized and unified research agenda of the RDC. It is intended to be used as a reference by RDRC members who want to be involved in providing studies and recommendations that can be used by the RDC, its Committees, and network of private sector and non-government stakeholders for their development policies, projects, and business decisions at the regional and local levels. The RDRA is intended to maximize the contributions of the region’s research and development (R&D) manpower to support the implementation of the region’s priority development thrusts, realization of development goals, and process of decentralized development. It is expected that the implementation of the RDRA will lead to (1) increasing the stock of knowledge relevant and applicable to the context of the Regional Development Plan (RDP), that will provide the evidence base to generate new or improved perspectives, products, processes, and services; and (2) increasing utilization of the region’s research outputs to impact key areas of change in the 2017-2022 Philippine and Regional Development Plans that will redound to realizing the country’s long-term vision, AmBisyon Natin 2040.


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