PN 2017-16
Preventing Childhood Stunting: Why and How?
PIDS Book 2017-02
Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World: A Look at the APEC 2015 Priority Areas (Volume II)
DP 2017-25
Chronic Food Poverty in the Philippines
DP 2017-24
Chronic and Transient Poverty and Weather Variability in the Philippines: Evidence Using Components Approach
Events and Announcements

Public Symposium on Building ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community and Nation Building

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of ASEAN, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), the ASEAN Society (AS), and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), with the support of DFA- Philippine Mission to ASEAN, are co-hosting a Public Symposium on ASEAN Socio Cultural Community and Nation Building to be held in Davao City on 24 August 2017. The Public Symposium brings the analyses and perspectives of eminent academics and government officials in the region on building ASEAN Socio Cultural Community and nation building.