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Youth`s Psychosocial Characteristics in Agriculture: The Case of Bukidnon, Philippines

The study sought to analyze the youth`s psychosocial characteristics in agriculture in Bukidnon, Philippines. Specifically, this study aimed to describe the socio-demographic characteristics of the senior high school students; assess the knowledge of the students in agriculture; determine the student’s attitude towards agriculture and to identify the student’s motivation towards agriculture as a degree program. Data were gathered through guided interview that was personally administered to 383 respondents who were in Grade 12 senior high school (DepEd, District of Bukidnon). Focus group discussion and key informant interview were also used in the study. Descriptive statistical tools such as mean, rank, percentage, and frequency counts were employed. The findings of the study reveal that the respondents were mostly female, and have experiences in farming. Their parents have moderate level of education. More than half of the respondents’ families do not own a piece of land used in agriculture (51%).  They are willing (45%) to engage in agriculture but are not willing (55%) to enroll in an agriculture degree. These youth have low level of knowledge and skills in agriculture and have favorable attitude and positive motivation towards a degree.


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