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Setting up a Health Communication Strategy for Local Government Units during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights and Recommendations

This policy brief outlines some suggestions in establishing an effective health communication strategy for Philippine local government units (LGUs) in response to Covid-19. This brief primarily recognizes the cruciality of responsive, coordinated, and collaborative communication as it can harness human and organizational efforts to combat the pandemic, establish trust, and minimize the pandemic’s negative consequences. Applying this principle on a local level, LGUs should devise a Health Communications team that is authoritative and credible, has a clear grasp of the communication needs and capacities of their constituents and stakeholder groups that can be tapped for support, and has a clear internal communication response plan with clear communication goals. Furthermore, communication with their constituents should be consistent and inclusive as much as possible, characterized by strong leadership with a clear vision in addressing the problem at hand, timely provision of relevant information, and usage of language that is clear-cut and understandable. LGUs should forge inter-agency collaboration, cooperating with the media and with other entities with credible resources. Finally, they should also tap on existing manpower and utilize the potential of other LGU staff, community media, volunteers, and community mobilizers to maximize the efforts in delivering an effective health communication strategy in their respective communities.


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