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Securing the Integrity of the 2022 Philippine Elections Under the New Normal: Best Practices From the 2020 US, French, South Korean, and Indonesian Elections

This brief aims to formulate and propose activities, programs, and strategies in securing credible, open, and peaceful 2022 elections in face of the current COVID-19 pandemic. In aid of this endeavor, four (4) electoral experiences in 2020 under pandemic conditions were compared: the United States general elections, the French municipal elections, the South Korean legislative elections, and the Indonesian regional elections. In these experiences, this brief finds the overarching concern of balancing health safety and the democratic process and the possibility of holding elections while in the middle of a pandemic. Seeing the complex nature of the pandemic and the democratic process, this paper proposes a whole-of-nation approach in creating solutions for the challenges of securing the elections during a pandemic. Specific actions proposed here include the emphasis on minimum health safety protocols, the limitation or prohibition of in-person campaigning, collective vigilance against misinformation and abuse of power, the emphasis on online and social media campaigning, and serious push for a reform package to establish contingencies for elections under pandemic and disaster conditions.


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