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PIDS 2016 Annual Report: Investing in Risk Reduction for a Resilient Philippines

The year 2016 marks the start of the operationalization of the new PIDS research agenda. Crafted by a team of social science experts through a rigorous review of current and emerging development issues and through consultations with various stakeholders, the five-year research agenda centers on building multiple resilience systems.

Thus, PIDS studies in 2016 centered on investigating the factors that reduce the capacity of society to absorb different shocks and stresses that are not just economic in nature. These studies—described in this Annual Report—yielded results and policy recommendations anchored on data and evidence that policymakers will find useful in crafting appropriate interventions in building resilience. The results of these studies were circulated to the Institute's stakeholders through its comprehensive knowledge dissemination program consisting of publications, seminars, knowledge databases, and online and social media tools. PIDS--through it researchers--also continued helping policymakers in the analysis and refinement of proposed legislations in Congress. 


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Jun 29, 2017