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Improved Foot Trails and Farming Practices among Project Beneficiaries in Selected Sites of Ifugao Province

The paucity of literature that deals specifically with foot trails and tracks emphasized to a great degree the scant attention given by development planners to infrastructures that affect upland communities which represent almost a quarter of the entire Philippine population. This study focuses on foot trails that connect a farming community to a motorized road. Specifically, this research determined the changes that occur in the farming behavior of project beneficiaries in upland barangays where improved main access routes made travel safer, faster and with least effort. Several interviews are conducted to validate the claims of improvement. Some drawbacks attributed to these improvements include the deprivation of porters of their means of livelihood and breakdown of peace and order. Overall however, the benefits from these projects seem to outweigh its inherent disadvantages, as respondents attributed their household's better quality of life now to these upgraded facilities. Other than trail improvements, the study also recommends a number of actions to address site-specific mobility constraints.


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