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Exploring Teachers’ Experiences with Capability Level in Performing Each Objective of Content Knowledge and Pedagogy Domain

This research analyzed the teacher’s capability level in performing each objective of the content knowledge and pedagogy domains, as well as the lived experiences of teachers. In this study, a convergent parallel mixed-method research design was used. From the medium school category of the Caraga North and South District, Division of Davao Oriental, there were 81 teachers in the quantitative aspect of the study and 20 participants in the qualitative part, for a total of 101 participants. The researchers used a survey questionnaire that was adapted from the Results-Based Performance Management System of 2018. Data analysis revealed that the teacher’s capability level in performing each objective of content knowledge and pedagogy domain was high, which has an overall mean of 2.94. Qualitative findings revealed that teachers applied content knowledge across curriculum teaching areas; similarly, they aligned lessons from the curriculum guide’s learning competencies, provided interactive activities, and used visual presentations, pictures, songs, stories, and videos. The teachers enhanced literacy and numeracy skills; correspondingly, they integrated worksheets for numeracy concepts and the Marungko approach as basic steps in teaching reading and writing. The teachers developed higher-order thinking skills; identically, they provided real-world problems and created or innovated activities as teaching strategies. Based on the results, it is recommended to conduct a similar study, emphasizing the remaining indicators of content knowledge and the pedagogy domain.


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