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Doing Good and Being Good: Aspects of Development NGO Governance in the Philippines

In the case of the Philippines, current literature on public sector governance has focused on topics that include decentralization, corruption, fiscal management, and civil society participation. There are also emerging studies on corporate governance highlighting pressing concerns that include ownership and market concentration, autocratic decision-making processes, and transparency and accountability in private enterprises (Saldana 2000 and World Bank 2000). However, published material on the governance of civil society organizations in the Philippines is relatively scant except for those related to sustainability and strategic management (Quizon et al. 1989, Alegre 1996, Aldaba et al. 2000). At the international level, there is now a growing literature on governance and accountability of non-government organizations (NGOs). A more recent article analyzed the publicized incidents of alleged wrongdoing of NGOs all over the world (Gibelman and Gelman 2001).


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