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Correlates of Food Safety Practices of the Chichacorn Industry in Ilocos Norte

The National Economic Development Authority-Development Bank of the Philippines-Mariano Marcos State University (NEDA -DBP-MMSU) Project (2007) survey revealed that not one of the Ilocos Norte food processors could approximate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a basic food safety program required by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD). The Ilocos Norte chichacorn industry is not an exemption. Thus, this study determined the factors affecting the adoption and implementation of food safety programs in the said industry.

Fourteen chichacorn owners and ten workers located in Paoay, Solsona, Pinili, and Dingras served as respondents of the study. Majority of the chichacorn establishments were categorized as micro enterprises based on the number of workers. Owners’ production areas were mostly extension of their houses. Product processing was still based on accustomed production practices using minimal equipment available. Not all processors are registered with regulatory agencies as some operate without BFAD registration, which is a basic requirement of all food establishments based on P.D. 856 (Sanitation Code of the Philippines).

Moreover, owners and workers had a moderate knowledge level of food safety. However, their beliefs and work behavior on food safety practices were highly favorable. The environmental condition in their production plant, though was moderately favorable. Meanwhile, their level of compliance with food safety practices during production was low.

The respondents’ personal characteristics are significantly related to their work behavior but not to their food safety practices. In contrast, respondents’ knowledge beliefs, and environmental conditions are highly significant to their existing food safety practices. Additionally, the respondents are knowledgeable about some food safety practices, but the condition of their processing plants and the existing practices of the workers run counter to what they know and believe in.


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