PN 2017-16
Preventing Childhood Stunting: Why and How?
PIDS Book 2017-02
Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World: A Look at the APEC 2015 Priority Areas (Volume II)
DP 2017-25
Chronic Food Poverty in the Philippines
DP 2017-24
Chronic and Transient Poverty and Weather Variability in the Philippines: Evidence Using Components Approach
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Action for Economic Reforms (AER)

Head of Institution: Filomeno Sta. Ana III (Coordinator)
3rd Floor, No. 40, Matulungin Street Central District, Quezon City Philippines
Representative Library / Publications
Name Mylyne Cuevas N/A
Email N/A
Phone 426-5632/426 5626 N/A

Latest Publications
Code Title
AER 2009-03 Global Collective Action
AER 2009-02 Fiscal Stimulus and Global Collective Action
AER 2009-01 The Global Crisis: Its Implications on the Work of Development NGOs
AER 2007-09 Revisiting the Cement Cartel Issue and the Need to Free Up the Market
AER 2007-08 Undervaluation Spells Growth
AER 2007-07 The Legal System and the Economy
AER 2007-06 On the National Broadband Project
AER 2007-05 Can We Ever Turn A Remittance-Driven Economy Around?
AER 2007-04 JPEPA Ratification: Threat Economics
AER 2007-03 How Relevant is Financing for Development?
AER 2007-02 Pragmatism in US Public Finance
AER 2008-06 Man's Waterloo?
AER 2007-01 Economic Development of Indigenous Communities
AER 2008-05 Temper the Appreciation, says GMA. Is that Enough?
AER 2008-04 There is Nothing Godly about Enforced Motherhood
AER 2008-03 Second-best Institutions
AER 2008-02 Douglass North, Killing Us Softly with His Song
AER 2008-01 Rethinking Food Security
AER 2001-04 Financing for Development: Domestic Resource Mobilization
AER 2001-03 Restructuring the Electricity Industry: Competition, Regulation and Distribution Issues...