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DLSU-AKI Working Paper Series 2020-10-061: Hedging Season: The Effect of Hedging Using Financial Derivatives on Firm Value of Publicly-Listed Non-Financial Firms in the Philippines

Firms use financial derivatives as a way to hedge risky transactions to avoid financial risks. Studies have focused on firmsí use of financial derivatives in developed countries. However, there is limited research done on emerging markets like the Philippines because these economies have only recently adapted advanced reporting standards that obligate the disclosure of the nature and extent of risks resulting from the use of financial instruments. We used Tobinís Q ratio to proxy for firm value and to determine the presence of a hedging premium. Because derivatives are used by firms to hedge against currency risks, interest rate risks, and commodity price risks, we hypothesize that the use of financial derivatives by firms has a positive and statistically significant effect on firm value.

DLSU - Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies - De La Salle University
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Arrastia, Julio Alfonso, D.; Balagot, Christina Angela, N.; Go, Joseph Anthony, C.; Lacuna, Dominique Ann Philomena V. ; ;
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