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Determinants of Entrepreneurial Venture Growth in the Philippines Using the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Entrepreneurial venture growth requires the capacity to produce products that are acceptable to the market, and the level of support given to enterprises helps them produce, innovate, and gain market access. However, entrepreneurs are faced with challenges related to physical and social infrastructure, local and global business environment, a level playing field, access to financing, and access to skill development and knowledge. If these remain unmitigated, they have the potential to hamper entrepreneurial growth. Hence, we inquire on the critical drivers of venture growth that will allow entrepreneurs to stimulate their enterprises using founder characteristics, firm attributes, and entrepreneurial strategies. Using the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) data for the Philippines, we found empirical evidence that entrepreneurial strategies are being moderated by founder characteristics and form attributes in driving entrepreneurial venture growth. We recommended interventions that will enable enterprises to increase their international orientation and export participation through enhanced access to global value chains.


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