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Proposed Imposition of Excise Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverage in the Philippines
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AER 2009-01: The Global Crisis: Its Implications on the Work of Development NGOs

This briefing paper about the global crisis and its consequences is mainly intended for the use of non-government development organizations (NGDOs), especially those working in East Asia. The paper intends to help public policy reformers, writers and researchers, educators and trainers, and grassroots cadres or activists have a better grasp of the nature of the crisis and its implications on their work. The paper also hopes to facilitate public discussion and debate especially involving civil society organizations. The paper is divided into three general sections, namely: 1)A description and explanation of the financial crisis, its origin and nature. 2)A discussion of a) the initial responses to mitigate the crisis, b) the effects of the crisis and the consequences of the responses, and c) the scenarios at the global, regional, and national levels (including East Asia). 3)An exploration of key issues or challenges that non-governmental development organizations have to address.

Action for Economic Reforms
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Sta Ana III, Filomeno; global financial crisis; non-government organization (NGO);
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