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DRN 2005 Vol. XXIII No. 4-a: Rental Housing: Opening Doors for Low-income Households

For a family, homeownership is a very important resource given the economic, psychological and social benefits it offers. But not all people have the capacity for homeownership. Those with low incomes are obviously at a disadvantage. Even government social security programs have been ineffective in assisting the poor toward homeownership. What then could be more viable housing option for the poorer segment of the population? A strategy that is increasingly being looked into in many countries to address the housing needs of low-income families and improve their living conditions is to develop the rental housing market. This issue's cover article discusses the relevance of this housing strategy for the low-income sector especially in light of the worsening poverty and the deepening urban development in the country that makes land even more expensive.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Authors Keywords
Ballesteros, Marife M.; housing sector; rental housing market; rental tenure;
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