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Out of the Streets: Aided Self-Help Housing and Poverty Alleviation through the Townhomes Project of Taguig City

Poverty is a pervasive problem confronting the developing world. it is so
systemic that many types of government interventions have failed in addressing
the phenomenon. Measuring poverty does not pertain to pure economics alone
but rather it incorporates other dimensions of human reality as part and parcel
of this debilitating human condition. it has restricted the potentialities of many
individuals to pursue their ends and aspirations. The exponential growth of
contemporary cities generates greater costs for people. Poor families from the rural
areas migrate and often look for better opportunities in metropolitan areas where
most of the resources are available. in the Philippines, most rural dwellers are
heavily concentrated in Metro Manila. To lessen this, the government has provided
the “Balik Probinsya” or Back to the Province Program, to lessen the overcrowding
in cities. The research employed both the qualitative and quantitative method
using the descriptive type of research. Using both methods provided the
robustness and reliability of the data gathered. The research was intended to find
out if a correlation exists between the participation of beneficiaries of the selected
community and their self-rated poverty alleviation.


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