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ISPPS WP 2000-07: Spread of IPM-FFS Knowledge: Lessons Learned from Rice –Farming Communities in Iloilo, Philippines

This paper is mainly a case study that examines whether field school acquired knowledge and practices are diffused to other community members and whether the knowledge and learned practices by FFS graduates are retained through time. It assesses what and how FFS-derived knowledge are retained, diffused and practiced by FFS farmers and if disseminated to others, by their non-FFS counterparts. It aims also to raise issues that might identify gaps in any national program evaluation – particularly on the limits with using single cross-section surveys for such tasks and to highlight some of the main themes that can be missed from a purely quantitative approach to such an assessment. The study also aims to develop procedures for doing certain types of assessment, such as the diffusion or spread effects of the knowledge gained from the FFS by examining in-depth the communication networks and the strengths of social capital in the study communities. It also attempts to provide some understanding on the effects of FFS participation on farm outputs and input use and on health and environmental risks.

UPLB Center for Strategic Planning and Policy Studies
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Rola, Agnes C.; Paunlagui, Merlyne M.; Jamias, S.B.; Provido, Z.S.; agricultural technology; agriculture sector; rice commodities;
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