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State of the Art of Climate Information System (CIS) in the Philippines

Climate information services (CIS) are key interventions to aid farmers in their adaptation and mitigation decision making amidst increasing climate variability. This paper describes the state of the art of climate data generation and climate information dissemination for use by the agriculture sector in the Philippines. It assesses current issues and concerns in the operationalization of the existing climate information gathering instruments in selected study sites across the country and analyzes the interaction of local climate data generators and users in the agricultural sector. Findings indicate that due to unstable internet connection in many areas, access of local extension agents to location specific climate data needs much improvement. Despite availability of local climate information gathering instruments, local extensionists continue to rely on generalized advisories reported through PAGASA bulletins as well as televisions and radios. If local extensionists are to use location specific climate data, they will need technical assistance in the processing of climate data into information for farmers’ use in decision making. Meanwhile, farmers await improved CIS to help them adapt to the vagaries of climate change. These findings bolster the rationale for development of local seasonal climate forecast and extension delivery that can be initiated by both the national and local governments.


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