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The impact of armed conflict on male youth in Mindanao, Philippines

The history of armed conflict in the island of Mindanao in southern Philippines is over three decades old. There is a need to understand the situation of young men in the context of the conflict in Mindanao. The specific objectives of this study are: a) to gain an increased understanding of how the conflict has affected male youth; and b) to develop recommendations that respond to their most immediate needs. The study covered seven provinces in four out of the six regions in Mindanao. It shows that despite growing up in an environment shaped by violence, young males in Mindanao continue to hope for change for a better life. The study notes a number of ongoing interventions in the education, health, and agriculture sectors, but only a few of them are youth focused. The study concludes by offering a number of suggestions on the kinds of interventions to address the marginalization of male youth, especially in education, livelihoods and labor markets.


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