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Resilience of Organic Rice and Supermarket Value Chains during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of the Global Organic Wellness Corporation

With the widespread growth of healthy lifestyle trends came the increased popularity and demand for organic and natural commodities worldwide. Alongside the worldwide booming organic market, some studies documented a “supermarket revolution” because of the global simultaneous expansion of supermarkets. The Philippines’ local organic demand used to cater mainly to niche markets through specialty stores. However, due to this supermarket revolution, organic agriculture products started to become more accessible. These were the major opportunities maximized by the Global Organic Wellness Corporation (GlowCorp) and its board members and partners, including the Don Bosco Multipurpose Cooperative (DBMC). This action research performed industry and value chain analyses for both enterprises to see what makes organic agriculture value chains and social enterprises competitive, inclusive, and resilient. Numerous lessons emerged, showing how GlowCorp’s and DBMC’s value chains mirror each other because of their similar firm infrastructure. Both were founded on the objective to serve as the farmers’ extension, whether it be in procurement, certification, or marketing. In addition, a relational type of value chain governance is possible when two firms in the same value chain are aligned in their business principles.


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