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Reinforcing People-to-People Solidarities Towards Regionalism from Below: Alternatives from Southeast Asia Amid COVID-19

This report documents the independent initiatives undertaken by AltDev partner organizations and civil society networks during the COVID-19 crisis. Since 2018, AltDev has partnered with these organizations to undertake various modes of participatory research and documentation of such alternative practices as responses to their marginalized socioeconomic, political, social, and cultural situation. Reports from other civil society organizations, their partner grassroots organizations networks, and responses to the health crisis were also included. This report extends support and solidarity to the research partners of AltDev across the Southeast Asian region, who have played key roles in the evolution of a movement of alternative practitioners. Beyond data gathering and research writing, AltDev has always been committed to solidarity work with, and support for, these communities whose practices and timely innovations are viable solutions during a global pandemic. In a way, this endeavor is part of a bigger effort to achieve an empowering and alternative research process. This report helps find out how communities, through their alternative and sustainable practices, have stood out and manifested resilience amidst the pandemic, and under other modalities of the current global crisis.


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