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Quality of Family Planning Counseling. Lens from Stakeholders

The book is the first definitive study on the state of family planning (FP) counseling in the Philippines. It presents the perspectives of the centers'/clinics' clients, non-clients residing in the community, front line health service providers, supervisors/managers, elected local government officials and civil servants, and community-based leaders regarding the FP counseling process and methods. Moreover, aside from describing the manner in which non-health care factors account for the quality of family planning counseling service provision, the book also describes in detail both the "undesirable" and "best" practices in FP counseling in the country. The scientifically documented data provide an essential baseline description and diagnosis for policy makers, program managers, and implementers interested in advancing the provision of quality care family planning counseling and services. Technical assistance for the study was provided by consultants from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.


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