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Quality Assurance in Early Childhood Care and Development in Southeast Asia

Several issues have been identified that serve as roadblocks in the achievement of quality in ECCD. These include: 1.enforcement of quality standards in ECCE; 2.problems in standardization and certification of ECCD personnel; 3.limitations of regulators or assessors; 4.lack of harmonization of ECCD programs and services; and 5.lack of support for systematic evaluation and assessment. Some of the recommendations that emerged from the study include: 1.advocate for evidence-based and culturally relevant frameworks; standards and practices for quality assurance; 2.develop more appropriate supports that would ensure that the standards have the desired beneficial effects on young children; 3.expand government regulations and accreditation; 4.strengthen and improve the cooperative ties between the state and other stakeholders; and 5.enhance monitoring and assessment skills of ECCD regulators or assessors.


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